A Step Ahead Adoption guides you every step of the way in the process of adding to your family. Our consultants have all walked a mile in your shoes as adoptive parents themselves. We know how to make sense of it all by answering all your questions, and providing support in numerous ways. We believe adoptions should be a pleasant experience and the beginning of many great memories as you begin your journey. A Step Ahead Adoption was created from experience to facilitate the education of adoptive parents.


Our clients are regular people who have decided to share their lives with a child via adoption. That decision is easy, it comes from the heart. The hard part is navigating through information and connecting the endless sea of dots. Some have started the process on their own and hit a wall. Others have just made the decision and want to learn terminology, and where to begin.

We offer a free information packet to help start your journey on the right foot. Once you decide to sign up for our services we give you video guidance, phone/email support, we are adding classes, workshops to our site, and so much more.

I am so happy to share our story with you. I was just telling my husband that I wish everyone considering adoption knew how different it is now compared to the old stereotypes I had in my mind.

My first piece of advice is…don’t try to do it w/o Step Ahead. It is overwhelming enough. Having them keep us organized, guiding us through it, kept my sanity intact. Teri Heidemann is a super hero to my husband and I. We always knew, and still do, that whatever happens with the adoption she will be there to say ‘It’s OK, here’s what we need to do”.

Our adoption is almost final now. We are just waiting on a court date in NC. We first spoke with Teri last April. She came to our home and explained how things worked. By May we had found a way to fund the adoption and called Teri back to get started. She told us everything we needed to do & how to do it. We started our home study in July and had the official home study report by August 1st. While we were going through our home study process I was also working on our family profile (Teri showed us examples of these and gave us a guide as to what to include). So, by the time our home study was finished our profile was ready to go out to potential birth moms. We were very lucky. We got a call around the middle of August about a birth mom and sent our profile to her on a Monday. By Thursday of that week we had a match. The birth mom had selected us!

From there things seemed to go very fast. In September we took a trip to Ohio to visit our birth mom, meet her other children and go with her to the ultrasound. We found out together that we were having a baby boy! Her due date was 1/1/07, but Nathan wanted to get here a little quicker. We got the call to get there on December 6th and we were holding him by December 7th. We got there in time to be with the birth mom during his birth! Nathan left the hospital with us and we were home in time for his first Christmas. A year ago I thought it could take years and years to have the family we dreamed of, but with Teri’s help, one year later we are getting our son’s first portraits done and are not able to walk through our house w/o stepping on a toy! I wish you all the luck in the world and hope that by this time next year you are covered in drool : ) If you have any questions I am here! Good luck

Laura Greene

North Carolina

We have nothing but great things to say about A Step Ahead Adoption Services. We really debated about whether we needed them or whether we could do it on our own. Now, looking back, there is no way we would have our beautiful little baby in such a short amount of time (7 months) if we had not hired ASA. They were helpful in so many ways: (1) Helping us get organized and moving (2) Recommending agencies (3) Presenting adoption cases to us and keeping us updated on cases when the agencies were too busy to call us (4) Supporting us through a failed adoption by providing us with names of others who had experienced failed adoptions and (5) Supporting us through placement and helped us jump over the “bumps in the road”. We cannot say enough. We often say that hiring A Step Ahead was the best money we spent. We told Diane and crew that we really felt by the end of the process, they did not charge nearly enough for all the services they provided. We truly believe we got a bargain!

Adam & Teresa

South Carolina