Our clients are from all walks of life but have a common thread, that is the desire to start, or expand their family by adopting a child. Here they share their stories of what brought them to A Step Ahead Adoption and how we helped them “every step of the way.”

Our agency has been referring our North Carolina adoptive families to A Step Ahead Adoption for nearly 20 years.  Each family has a unique history and set of expectations in regard to their adoption process, which we have found to be met and nurtured by the staff at A Step Ahead.  Diane Hogan brings a knowledge and experience to the process of adoption that is unmatched, and our clients have found their consultants to be extremely caring, knowledgeable, and responsive.  Our adoptive families have expressed appreciation for the experience of working with A Step Ahead during their adoption journey and, or course, revel in the joy of returning home with their children.

In a professional capacity, we have had many opportunities to work with and witness Diane’s strong ethical values, as well as her compassion and understanding for each family she serves.  Diane and her staff work hard for each of their adoptive families and their clients know they will receive honest and truthful information about any adoption situation for which they are presented, in addition to outstanding advice based on many years of adoption experience.

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